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Welcome to the neighborhood of Belltown!

A Thriving Pacific Northwest Community!

Recently listed as the 6th fastest growing neighborhood in America, Belltown is one of the city’s most exciting neighborhoods. It is the home of thriving retail and entertainment corridors, a cluster of innovative major employers, and a rich musical and artistic history.
Yet disruption to cultural identity, scarcity of workforce housing, rising commercial and residential rents, and underdeveloped public spaces are just a few of the challenges facing the neighborhood. At the same time, myriad opportunities in Belltown have the potential to profoundly empower Belltowners, Seattleites, and visitors alike to live, work, and play in this neighborhood.
As a response, Project Belltown is a community-driven initiative to retain and build a culturally rich and economically vibrant neighborhood through advocacy, business development, marketing and promotion, programming, and strategic investments in the built environment.